The students of Arya College celebrated Teacher’s Day in a distinct way. The students gathered
around a historic commemoration installed within the premises of the Arya College campus. They
greeted the Principal Dr. Suksham Ahluwalia at the location. The commemoration holds an
inscription that tells that Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan inaugurated the administrative block of the
institution on May 4, 1958, when he was the Vice President of India. Shri Sudarshan Sharma, the
President of AMC, and Secretary Shrimati Satisha Sharma have made special efforts to preserve the
monument on national importance. Shrimati Satisha Sharma who is associated with the College
since the 1960s, recollects that it was the only visit of Vice President S. Radhakrishnan to Ludhiana
during his tenure.