A detailed lecture was organized by the Sanskrit and Hindi department of Arya College on why we should study Sanskrit. Sanskrit Pracharak Mr. Lakshya Sharma of Ludhiana city in Punjab province was invited as the main speaker to deliver a lecture on the topic presented in this seminar. Giving a lecture on the presented topic, Mr. Lakshya Sharma said that in modern times, the study of Sanskrit language is becoming the need of the hour. He told the students about the professions in Sanskrit language. Dr. S.M. Sharma, Secretary, Arya College Management Committee, said that due to the lack of study of Sanskrit language, the moral values in the society are declining. Principal of the college Dr. Suksh Ahluwalia said that knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for the upliftment of the society and for the upliftment of social values. Dr. Ashish Kumar said that there is a great need to propagate Sanskrit language to make the students aware of the ancient culture and tradition. In the end, Dr. Tajinder Kaur, Head of Hindi Department, thanked all the guests present in the seminar.