The college has a unit of N.C.C. (Air Wing). The students of 1st Semester of any stream have the option to enroll in NCC after clearing the Common Entrance Test and interview conducted by Unit no.4 Pb. Air Sqn. The enrolled students are required to deposit a refundable security to the Unit as per rules.


  • Students enrolled under NCC shall be required to attend minimum 40 parades in a session as per schedule.
  • NCC cadets must collect their uniform from the NCC in-charge at the beginning of the session.
  • The university roll numbers will not be issued unless the full uniform is deposited and all dues cleared.
  • It is compulsory to attend 40 parades plus 2 camps in order to appear for B & C certificate examinations, as demanded by NCC Directorate. However, student can attend more than the said number of camps.

N.C.C. (Air Wing)

The college has a unit of N.C.C. (Air Wing). Each cadet of N.C.C. is required to attend two parades of three periods each per week.

  • Students joining N.C.C. will have to deposit a refundable security of ₹500/-. They will also pay a monthly fee of ₹10/- along with the college fee. The refund of security can be claimed within six months after leaving N.C.C.
  • N.C.C. uniform is issued in the beginning of the session and the cadets are expected to use it carefully. While returning the uniform, they should ensure that all items are duly washed, dry-cleaned, ironed or polished as the case may be.
  • Cadets should return the uniform without any delay just after the completion of the training for a particular session. In case, a student leaves the college in the middle of the session, he should return the uniform immediately.
  • If any article is lost or damaged, the loss will be made good by the cadet himself or his security will be forfeited.

Job Opportunities

  • Special seats FOR ‘C’ Certificate holders in Army, Air Force and Navy.
  • Quota for cadets in multi-nationals.
  • Quta / weightage for admission in professional colleges and universities.

Adventure Opportunities

Cadets explore India during various Trekking expeditions. They are sensitized to Indian diversity in All India Leadership and Republic Day Camps.


  • Prof. Rohit Sharma