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Established in 1970, the Department of Music has continued to lend harmony and to enrich the environment of the entire college. The vision of the department is to provide a balanced and well defined programme of Classical Music and creative performance.

 The department aims to inculcate in the students love for music by frequently organizing concerts and programmes in association with societies like SPICMACKAY and through Shri Harvalabh Sangeet Sammelan etc. The faculty of the department is well qualified and committed to their teaching duties. The primary motive is to enhance the standard of vocal music and to develop the student’s mental power and inner hearing. The Music Department tries its best to enlighten the students about India’s rich culture of musical heritage.

Our Teachers

॥ अज्ञानतिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जनशलाकया, चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥
Ms. Anuradha
Ms. Anuradha

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