About Us

Established in 1946,the Department of Punjabi originally catered to students opting for an elective course in Punjabi in the B.A. programme. But with the introduction of  Punjabi as a compulsory subject in all the streams as per the policy of the Punjab Government in 1986,the scope of the department widened considerably. The aim of the Department is to inculcate in the students a spirit and love for their mother tongue. The faculty is working very hard to meet the above said target. To realise this purpose many seminars and lectures by resource persons in their relative fields are being organised from time to time. The Department started Post Graduate course in Punjabi for language lovers. The department is making tireless efforts in developing skills among students so that they can be successful in mastering the subject and make a lucrative career in administrative services, business, teaching, creative, journalism, sports and other areas.