About Us

College Libray : A Library plays such an important role in the Colleg Education as it is difficult to imagine a College without a Library. It is treasure of knowledge and a place for communication with the brilliant brains, both ancient and modern. Here they come to know the vastness and depth of knowledge and their mental horizon gets widened. The significance of a Library was not a ignored by the founders of Arya College Ludhiana. When the College was established in 1946, the library block was built along with the class rooms and the Administrative block. It was equipped with a goood number of books of various subjects. It was modified and updted according to the changing need of the readers, students and teachers. New books were added every year and at present there are about 57000 books. The journals and periodicals covering different areas of knowledge are prescribed for the Library. There is a also a provision of audio books and seperate section for the differenth abled students. The infrasture of the Library has also been modified and modernized form time to time. At present it is fully airconditioned. Computers have been installed in the library. A spacious reading room has been attached to it. To develop the reading habit among the students, a library society is formed every year. The society conducts different functions to enspire the students to improve their reading habits. Every student is motivated to visit the library regularly.


Mr. Sukhwinder Singh