NSS Unit in Collaboration with Yoga Club of Arya College organised an Extension Lecture on the Importance of Yoga. In this lecture international Yoga Coach from Everest Institute of Yoga, Sh. Shivam Malik and Sh. Atul Ratturi shed light on the importance of Yoga. Giving a demonstration of various yoga asanas like Mal Asana, Taar Asana and Vajra Asana, they said that Yoga fills our minds and bodies with positive energy and relieves us from day to day stress. Congratulating the NSS Unit, Secretary ACMC Smt. Satisha Sharma appreciated the efforts of the unit as well as Yoga Club. Principal Dr. Suksham Ahluwalia said that concentration and meditation are very important for every task and the same can be attained through yoga. On this occasion, Dr. Raman Sharma, Dr. Sunder Singh, Dr. Mandeep Singh, Dr. Ashish Kumar and Ms. Neelam were also present.